Government should address reprisals against human rights defenders

The environment in which Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) in Uganda operate is increasingly becoming hostile. This is evident in the twist in attacks with escalating office-break-ins, kidnaps, harassment of civil society organizations and now targeted reprisals to HRDs. This situation becomes worse when the perpetrators involved are state agents such as the police and elements […]

Freedom of speech, expression and internet use under threat in Uganda

Uganda has well-articulated and documented laws safeguarding the rights of person and freedoms of speech, expression and internet use. In Africa, the country has the second best provisions and articles promoting the freedoms of expression and information access enshrined in the 1995 constitution which is only second to that of South Africa. The 1995 Constitution […]

Community Policing (Mayumba Kumi): Is this something we can trust?

In a wake of murders, it seems no one is really taking charge of who is who in our neighborhoods. Just recently, I was called at 4:00am to go to cover a tragedy that happened Kikoni- Makerere. Apparently, Ren-Ju aged 33years formerly working at Kololo Club Seven as a waitress and Sang-Weng-Wa a 34 year […]