Shanine Linda Ahimbisibwe

Shanine Ahimbisibwe
Shanine karen Ahimbisibwe is young Ugandan writer, blogger, public speaker and social media activist based in Kampala, Uganda. She runs her own freelance blog and is also a founding member and author at This is Uganda, a website dedicated to changing the Ugandan narrative worldwide.
She holds interest in social justice, climate action, and human rights activism and therefore uses her online presence to advocate for these causes.
She has participated in a number of social media campaigns, most recently being the Girls Act campaign by AHF Uganda cares, Family Planning Awareness by the Public Health Ambassadors of Uganda, Climate Action by the International Institute for Environmental Change which have all registered success in terms of reach and awareness.
She studied Organizational psychology at Makerere University Kampala and is currently a Human Resource Trainee at Action Africa Help Uganda. She enjoys reading, being in the company of people and her ultimate goal is to make a substantial contribution towards the international creative space.