Are We Safe?

BY ISAIAH NGABIRANO Insecurity has become the talk of the town in Uganda that not a day passes without hearing a kidnap or a killing knowing that the people who are committing these atrocities walk free on the streets and are possibly planning to commit more of the same crimes. The main question remains, are […]

My Day Job

I am used now. I have been at it for years and I’m still counting, the way I count the number of lashes as I rain a hurricane of them on my patients’ buttocks, on their legs, arms, ankles, at their back. I love it at their back because they can’t shield their backs. They […]

Nalufenya: My Quarrel is with Parliament’s Committee on Human Rights

To some, ‘Nalufenya’ is a word that doesn’t glide off the tongue easily, maybe it’s the four syllables? No, maybe it’s the fact that it’s an awry town in Jinja synonymous with Uganda’s very own Abu Ghraib Jail. Nalufenya Police Station sends shivers down spines, especially for those who’ve allegedly suffered at the hands of […]

Could Internal dealing within key Government Institutions be the likely rise of Human Trafficking in Uganda?

Trafficking women for sexual slavery has become the second world ‘lucrative crimes’ after drug trafficking and arms deals with the highest number of women reported to come from Uganda. Uganda is a source and destination country for commercial sexual exploitation. Young girls and women are lured into sex trafficking within East Africa, Europe and Asian […]

How safe are we?

“He’s gone,” a workmate of mine bellowed from the corner of our office. He hurriedly walked over and showed me. “Look. He’s gone,” he asserted, his hands trembling with fear. His eyes, bloodshot and his face quickly registered fear. He showed me gory pictures of the former AIGP, late Felix Kaweesi, who had just been gunned […]