The Ugandan Government depends heavily on donor support to fight HIV

USAID funded 5 years project whose goal was to support the government of Uganda and partners to design and implement quality health communication interventions that contribute to a reduction in HIV/AID’s infections, total fertility, maternal and child mortality, malnutrition and Tuberculosis TB. The project involves innovative health communication approach, capacity strengthening, increased collaboration among partners […]

The Politics of Oil by Oil firms and government on influencing Climate change Policies

On August 3, 2016, The Daily Monitor reported that the Petroleum Directorate from the Ministry of Energy hailed the coming of four new international oil firms into the Ugandan oil world. These included “Australia’s Armour Energy Limited, WalterSmithPetroman Oil Limited, Oranto Petroleum International Ltd and Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Ltd from Nigeria.” These firms were […]

Nalufenya: My Quarrel is with Parliament’s Committee on Human Rights

To some, ‘Nalufenya’ is a word that doesn’t glide off the tongue easily, maybe it’s the four syllables? No, maybe it’s the fact that it’s an awry town in Jinja synonymous with Uganda’s very own Abu Ghraib Jail. Nalufenya Police Station sends shivers down spines, especially for those who’ve allegedly suffered at the hands of […]

Gender and Equity Non-Compliance and what it could mean for Uganda

Prin­ci­ples of gen­der and eq­uity are pri­mary to achiev­ing so­cial jus­tice in terms of rights, ac­cess to re­sources or rep­re­sen­ta­tion in de­ci­sion mak­ing for many mar­gin­alised demograph­ics world over. The same prin­ci­ples are fun­da­men­tal to achiev­ing sus­tain­able eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment and the gov­ern­ment has not minced its words on its zeal to rrealizemid­dle in­come sta­tus by […]