Privacy, Digital Rights and Safety: How Safe Is the Information You Exchange Online?

BY SHANINE AHIMBISIBWE The internet has become part of our lives and communication could not be any easier in this information driven era. For the 17 million internet users in Uganda, not a day goes by without liking something on Facebook, sending an email or chatting on WhatsApp. Internet has made it so easy to […]

Uganda: Sound bites will not end practice of torture in detention

Gory images from Uganda’s torture chambers have gripped the nation. Many are still struggling to fathom why cold-blooded torturers would descend on human beings and unleash such untold horror on them. In response, President Museveni penned a tepid open missive advising police and other law enforcement agencies to cease the use of torture. It has […]

The Monsters Online

The internet is generally a place where folks from around the world get together and agree that Cats are more adorable than dogs. And they do this through images, gifs, audio and a whole lot of videos. There might be the occasional dog lover who will put up a lengthy video of his dog fetching […]

Freedom of speech, expression and internet use under threat in Uganda

Uganda has well-articulated and documented laws safeguarding the rights of person and freedoms of speech, expression and internet use. In Africa, the country has the second best provisions and articles promoting the freedoms of expression and information access enshrined in the 1995 constitution which is only second to that of South Africa. The 1995 Constitution […]

Why it is important for bloggers to keep themselves safe online

Every month, 10 Ugandan bloggers meet to discuss social justice issues. The 10 bloggers meet to talk about different areas of concern as raised from activities by the various Connect Voices of citizen’s partners in Uganda. The bloggers then write stories that stream into the Social Justice blog. These bloggers are Ruth Aine, Davidson Ndyabahiika, […]