Are Fossil Fuel Industry’s Interests above Our Survival?

No matter how old the cry may be, the debates about combating climate change keep on becoming fresher and fresher every day at UN Climate Conventions, UNFCC. The ODI report shows that “despite committing to end fossil fuel subsidies, 10 European countries (like France, Germany, UK,  Italy, Spain, among others) continue producing 84% of Europe’s energy-related […]

Why Can’t Our Health System Deliver for The Common Ugandan?

Pictured below is a running drip hanging from a suitcase in Accident & Emergency (A & E) ward, Mulago, on one of the several busy mornings. That and similar kinds of ingenious inventions are what the medical students, interns, nurses, and senior health officers on rotation in A & E have to resort to. Like […]

The Burden of falling sick in Uganda

I remember September last year as the time I got so sick, threw up all night and drained my account to get back on my feet. As a freelancer, my health was my greatest resource. It was mumps, to be precise. I went to see a doctor who prescribed painkillers because mumps is a viral […]