About us

We strongly believe that the internet can be an enabler of quality public services. We would like to speak up for those many Voices remain unreported in Uganda.

Most cases, critical issues are trivialized for example people can acclimatize to a teacher not attending to pupils in a government school or a medical worker selling free drugs.

We believe that blogging can be a tool an effective tool for advocacy especially that about 12 million Ugandans have access to the internet.

We would like to see increased participation of both male and female social media users in raising awareness about issues that are affecting their communities.

The 10 bloggers will listen in to the findings from Barazas and other activities that will be held by Connecting Voices of Citizens partners across the country and in their own style will share the blogs to their online audiences and will be curated on this site.

We hope that at the end of it all, there will be improved service delivery and an accountable and responsive government.