For Ugandan Communicators in the Wake of Dr Stella Nyanzi’s Arrest: How Free is our Freedom of Expression?

Stella Nyanzi (who describes herself as a “thinker, scholar, poetess, lyricist, writer, Facebooker and creative producer”) was charged by the Uganda Police in March, 2017, for offensive communication contrary to section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act 2011. The particulars of the offense read as follows, “Stella Nyanzi … made a suggestion or proposal referring […]

Youth should grab the spaces that they demand to occupy

Everywhere you go today, there is a group of people lining up the streets, beating drums, giving drinks to the police and clamoring for some form of freedom or liberty.  The LGBT community asking that they be given the same respect that other human beings,  feminist campaigners, protesting Catholics, peaceful Muslims, unemployed people, former prisoners,people […]