The city of Kampala is drained mainly by channels which include Kansanga, Nakivubo, Lubigi, Nalukolongo, Kinawataka, Nyanama-Walufumbe. The Lubigi drainage channel gets its name from a swampy wetland that stretches from Kisasi through Bwaise and goes towards Busega.


Bwaise is built in the Lubigi wetland which collects running rain water from the nothern and western parts of Kampala city, including drainage from Wakiso district too.


Building in a wetland is bad, really bad – poor urban planning in a wetland is worse, like bad bad bad, having a poorly managed drainage channel of a capital city go through a wetland with settlements that are poorly planned is outrageous.

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Who is supposed to maintain the channel? who is supposed to clean it? are they waiting for the rains do the job? Rains in Kampala peak twice a year and the first phase (April to May) is just days away. The rains can clean but at a cost that it brings with it floods, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea and more dirt to clean up.


Photo Credits : NinnoJackjr | Camera: LG G4